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Airmar R509 Chirp Broadband 2-3kW Transducer

Product ID: AM1115-22         MFG ID: R509 C-Lx
Airmar R509 C-Lx 2-3kW FM and Chirp Broadband Thru-Hull transducers represent the next generation of technology that will allow fishermen to unlock new secrets in fishfinding. Airmar R509C transducers are designed for use specifically with Broadband, CHIRP, FM, and Spread-Spectrum fishfinders.
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MSRP/MAP Price $4,325.00
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Low-High Frequency R509C-LH $3,243.75
Low-Medium Frequency R509C-LM $3,390.75



SpecificationsAdditional InfoRelated Airmar R509 Chirp Broadband 2-3kW Transducer Review

CHIRP Fishfinders transmit across a wide frequency band instead of using a single frequency. This is also known as “Frequency Modulation” or “Spread-Spectrum” Transmissions. These waveforms are typically of long duration and for example may start at 42 kHz and end at 65 kHz. Energy transmitted into the water can be 10 to 50 times greater than a traditional fishfinder. By storing the shape of the transmitted waveform in memory and comparing it to the received echoes using pattern matching techniques (also called pulse compression), it is possible to find targets within the noise and precisely determine their range with astounding accuracy.

  • Extreme target detail and image resolution at all depths
  • Precise separation between baitfish and gamefish
  • Bottom discrimination of fish laying on the seabed
  • Deep sounding accuracy down to 3,000 m (10,000’)
  • Ability to detect targets at greater depths & higher speeds
  • Ability to find targets within the noise (“snow” on the display)

2,000 to 3,000 Watts
Depth and fast-response temp. sensor
Thru-Hull, Urethane Housings

Operating Frequencies:

LF   28 kHz to 60 kHz
MF  80 kHz to 130 kHz
HF  130 kHz to 210 kHz

12 m (39’) cable with OEM connector

Beamwidth (Adjustable):

LF   23° x 18° to 5° x 9°
MF   8° to 4°
HF  13° to 8°

Maximum Depth Range:

LF  914 m to 1,372 m (3,000’ to 4,500’)
HF 235 m to 353 m (800’ to 1,200’)

Boat Size: 12 m (40’) and up 

  • R509C-Lx Transducer (select medium or high frequency option)
  • Install Instructions
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