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Lowrance LWX-1 Sirius Weather Module

Product ID: LO1150-02         MFG ID: 000-0022-46
Lowrance LWX-1 Sirius weather and audio module for all HDS series systems. Lowrance LWX-1 presents two industry firsts for HDS chartplotters SIRIUS satellite high-res weather radar and radio services via an affordable and integrated smart antenna/module bundle, AND the first Sirius Inland weather service in addition to Coastal coverage … in two special Sirius U.S. subscription packages!
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Additional InfoAccessoriesRelated Lowrance LWX-1 Sirius Weather Module Review
  • Compatible with all HDS chartplotter-equippd models via ethernet
  • Attractive, compact and weatherproof antenna designed for easy flush mount to boat deck or pole-mounted versatility
  • Plug-and-Play ethernet connection supplies weather to one or more nertworked HDS displays
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio programming via 3.5mm stereo audio jack interface to onboard sound system
  • Internal memory saves up to 30 minutes of weather/environmental data for power interruptions and power off during refuleing
  • SIRIUS Mariner and Voyager weather subscriptions include the full suite of weather, sea and atmospheric conditions
  • SIRIUS radio subscription offers over 120 crystal-clear channels, including NASCAR, NFL and college footbal broadcasts
  • SIRIUS subscription not included with LWX-1 antenna

This compact weatherproof antenna is easy to mount, and provides weather display output to one or more HDS units via Ethernetworks. Plus a standard 3.5 mm stereo jack easily interfaces with onboard sound systems when you include radio with your SIRIUS subscription for stereo-quality music and sports including NFL, NASCAR and college football broadcasts.

SIRIUS Inland Weather Service Package:

Weather radar and lightning with full 2 km (1.2 mile) resolution 80 nm (92 mile) lightning and  radial weather display to 12 nm (13 mile) limit from coasts Tabular weather feed with 5-day forecast display And more

SIRIUS Coastal/Offshore Weather Service Package:

Cross-country weather radar and lightning with full 2 km (1.2 mile) resolution Sea-surface temperature with higher resolution Tropical storm and storm cell tracks Four-day forecast of surface pressure, wave height, wave period and direction Tabular weather feed with 5 day forecast And more

For more information on SIRIUS Marine Weather subscription, please visit the SIRIUS Marine Weather FAQ page.

  • Antenna Receiver (AR) pre-configured for a mast mount
  • Interface Module (IM)
  • AR Mounting Screws (4)
  • AR Screw Caps (5; one extra)
  • Flush mount kit
  • Manual
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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