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Simrad NSS8 Network Navigation System

Product ID: SM1135-1301         MFG ID: 000-10196-001
Simrad NSS8 network navigation system for recreational boaters who require a reliable, high-quality, fully integrated, extensible navigation platform, Simrad NSS Sport is a networked MFD that provides: touchscreen control, superior screen brightness, and compatibility with all Simrad Performance Modules.
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SpecificationsAdditional InfoAccessoriesRelatedProduct Links Simrad NSS8 Network Navigation System Review

Unlike other touchscreen devices, NSS delivers a touch user interface with an assimilated keypad and rotary controller, in-built performance Echosounder on NSS7 and NSS8 and GPS and full network compatibility with all NS Series displays, devices and accessories.

Preloaded with regional cartography: US version features Insight with shaded relief contour overlays.

• Extreme Ease of Use
• Touch Sensible Technology
• Full Control and Integration
• Powerfully Fast Charting
• Expandable
• Bright Display
• Touchscreen interface with Keypad & rotary control
• High-brightness bonded screens with LED LCD’s in 8.0”(SVGA)
• Value package design – Internal GPS and Built-in Insight or Navionics coastal cartography with optional Platinum +
• NMEA 2000, SimNet and Video Input

Extreme Ease Of Use
Simple NSS8 menus and icons on the touchscreen guide you to the information you need, and the keypad includes 'one-touch' buttons for immediate access to important functions such as the autopilot. It's easy to use for everyone onboard.

Touch SensibleTM Technology
Developed specifically for the marine environment, Touch SensibleTM technology is the combination of touchscreen, keypad, and super-smooth rotary controller. This perfect blend allows the NSS8 Sport to deliver unrivalled performance of every function with the simple touch of a finger in any sea state.

Powerfully Fast Charting
The NSS8 Sport is a fast and efficient chartplotter. Panning the charts, marking waypoints, or building routes are easy with the touchscreen, whilst the smooth rotary controller enables ultra-fast zooming.

The NSS8 Sport is 100% compatible and networks effortlessly with every Simrad Performance Module including the award-winning Broadband RadarTM, StructureScanTM and SonicHubTM. It can also be integrated with NSE and NSO systems for the ultimate in flexibility.

Full Control And Integration
Not only is the NSS8 Sport an outstanding chartplotter and fish finder, it's a complete command centre. Monitor your engine, steer your autopilot, turn on your bait well or bilge pump, or even set mood lighting – it's all a touch simpler with the NSS Sport.

Unique LED backlighting technology allows the NSS8 Sport display to be bright, clear, and highly visible in every conceivable condition. Added to this, the technology also reduces power consumption and increases product life.

Type8 inch SVGA Color TFT LCD
Screen Resolution800 x 600 (H X W)
Screen Brightness1200 nits
Weight (Head unit only)2.1kg / 4.5lb
Housing ConstructionPlastic housing; Die Cast Read Heatsink
Echosounder (Sonar)
Sonar Frequency50/200 or 83/200 kHz
Sonar Output PowerMax 250W Peak to Peak (31W RMS) actual
Sonar DepthMax 3000 ft \ 1000 m
Ethernet1 Port
Interface (NMEA 2000)Micro C (1)
Video InputComposite Video x (2) (multiplexed)
SD Card SlotMicro SD (1)
Temperture-15 Deg C to +55 Deg C (+5 Deg F to +131 Deg F)
Power supply12.0 V DC-23.0 V DC (9.0-32.0 V DC Min-Max)
Power consumption15.6W or 1.2A @ 13V DC
Certificates of ConformityCE (EN60945:2002)/Ctick/CCS


  • NSS8 8" Display US Version
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Internal echosounder
  • Bezel
  • Sun cover
  • Flush mount kit
  • Power cable/data
  • Installation and operation documenation
  • Manual

Navico NMEA 2000 Starter Kit Navico NMEA 2000 Network Starter Kit

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Simrad B164 1kW Thru-Hull Simrad B164 1KW Thru-Hull NSE-NSS Series
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MFG: B164-BL
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Simrad B117 Flush Mount 600w Bronze-B117 Simrad Simrad B117 Flush Mount 600w Bronze
Simrad B117 0-7 degree Depth-Temp 600w flush mount bronze element provide a vertical beam without a fairing. Inside the housing, the B117 ceramic element to provide built-in deadrise compensation of 0-7 degree. Works with NSE,NSO and NSS.
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SIMRAD P66 Transom Mount-P66 SIMRAD Simrad P66 Transom Mount
Simrad P66 is the best performing and most popular, transom-mount, TRIDUCER Multisensor in the market for many reasons.
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Simrad M260 In-Hull Transducer NSE-NSS Series-M260 Simrad Simrad M260 In-Hull Transducer NSE-NSS Series
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MFG: 106-91
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SIMRAD SimKit-3 Micro-C to SimNet Kit-SimKit-3 SIMRAD Simrad SimKit-3 Micro-C to SimNet Kit
SIMRAD SimKit-3 Micro-C to SimNet Kit includes SimNet / Micro-C starter kit, 24006298 SimNet multi-Joiner, 24005894 SimNet Terminator, 24006199 SimNet to Micro-C, 24005837 SimNet Cable- 2m, 032-0049-08 cable Power SimNet with Terminator.
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Navico N2K 4-Way Network Block Navico N2K 4-Way Network Block
Low-Loss (Simrad-Lowrance-B&G)network block NMEA 2000 4-way micro-c used where multiple drop-cables are required in close proximity to make a more cost-effective and streamined solution compared to installations that use multiple T-connectors.
MFG: 000-12612-001
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NMEA 2000 N2K Extension Cable 2' NMEA 2000 2' Extension Cable
Simrad NMEA 2000 2' Extension Cable Male-Female connector cable. Works with Lowrance and B&G NMEA 2000 networks.
MFG: 000-0119-88
Star Price$26.95

Lowrance N2K NMEA 2000 Extension Cable 6' NMEA 2000 6' Extension Cable
Simrad NMEA 2000 6' extension cable Male-Female connector cable. Works with Lowrance and B&G NMEA 2000 networks.
MFG: 000-0127-53
Star Price$37.95

NMEA 2000 15' Extension Cable NMEA 2000 15' Extension Cable
NMEA 2000 15' Extension Cable Male-Female connector cable. Works with Lowrance and B&G NMEA 2000 networks.
MFG: 000-0119-86
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SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 2m-Ethernet SIMRAD Simrad Ethernet Cable 2m
SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 2m yellow 5 pin 2m(6.5').
MFG: 127-51
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SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 4.5m 15 FT-Ethernet SIMRAD Simrad Ethernet Cable 4.5m 15 FT
SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 4.5m yellow 5 pin 2m(15').
MFG: 127-29
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SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 7.7m 25 FT-Ethernet SIMRAD Simrad Ethernet Cable 7.7m 25 FT
SIMRAD Ethernet Cable 7.7m yellow 5 pin 7.7m(25').
MFG: 127-30
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