Attention Simrad and Simrad Pro Customer

Attention Simrad and Simrad Pro Customer,

To access our latest Sales and Technical Bulletins announcing the Simrad Optimization SW Suite Release, Simrad NSS evo2 RTM 3.5, Simrad NSO evo2 RTM 4.5, Simrad GO7 RTM 2.0, Simrad HALO R12 UPD 5.2.18 and Simrad BSM-2 BSM-3 UPD 3.6.0 click the links below:

SB-219 Simrad Optimization SW Suite Release_December_2015.pdf
TB-149 Simrad NSS_evo2_RTM_3.5.pdf
TB-150 Simrad NSO_evo2_RTM_4.5.pdf
TB-151 Simrad GO7_RTM_2.0.pdf
TB-152 Simrad HALO_R12_UPD_5.2.18.pdf
TB-153 Simrad BSM-2_BSM-3_UPD_3.6.0.pdf

For more information, please call or email using the information below!
• U.S. Based Resellers Technical and Order Support: (800) 324-4737
• Canada Based Resellers Technical Support: (855) 361-1564
• OEM/Boatbuilder –
• International/Latin America –
• National Retail –
• Dealers/Distributors –

*Please use the email address that reflects your sales-group classification.

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